DDC Ltd puts a strong emphasis on creating opportunities, solving problems and inventing new types of architecture. Our work focuses on the need for each individual client and to make their dream ours. We believe construction sustainability is as much to do with discovering new economically viable mixed use relationships as it is about fulfilling individual projects
DDC Ltd promotes a close working relationship with clients in order to understand the requirements and the specifics of each project. DDC Ltd believes that architecture has the power to inspire the spirit whilst meeting the more practical requirements of human endeavors. The skills and experience of our team are shared through specialist groups within the practice and our sub consultants. This approach provides the company with unique resourcing capabilities and encourages staff growth through exposure to various disciplines.


The essence of DDC Ltd is Total Design.

Physical Environments:
Total Design aims to create inspired, holistic and memorable places for people.
Team Environments
Total Design aims to facilitate inspired, inclusive, creative and dynamic team environments.
Creative Environments
Total Design embodies our way of thinking. We apply a creative design methodology to every sphere of our business and our professional disciplines.